About me

Hey!  My name is Krista and I have been overweight most of my life.  Nothing ever seemed to work.  Weight Watchers…tried it…multiple times.  Counting calories…yep, tried that too.  I would lose some weight, but it always came back, and typically I’d end up with more than I started with in the first place.  Sound familiar?  Yea, I know.  So at 49, in menopause, pre-diabetic, with too many other ailments to list, what changed things? Dr. Eric Berg and his healthy keto way of eating!

It didn’t take me long to become pretty passionate about keto.

My results just made me want to help others lose weight too!


I can talk keto for hours.  I know I wish I had learned about keto years ago, so now I am a keto evangelist to whoever wants listen!  Is the information out there to do this all on your own?  Sure, I did, with Dr. Berg’s free information.

But, you know what would have been really nice?  A friend that had already been through it.  Someone I could ask questions and get opinions and advice from.  Could you do this in any number of Facebook groups?  Sure, if you want to.  I sure didn’t.

While the keto Facebook groups are great, I found there are so many differing opinions that asking a question can put you right back where you started.  I also didn’t care for, ahem, some of the “stronger” personalities in the groups either.  The result was I didn’t ask questions (out of fear of ridicule or whatever) and just muddled through on my own.  I made it, but I am hoping I can make things a little easier for YOUR keto journey!  My goal is to provide you with helpful blog content and some different options for those who want to connect with me to ask questions and get advice.