My Story

Hey all, and welcome to my VERY FIRST blog post!  I hope you being here means you are thinking about keto or maybe you have already started your own healthy keto journey…and I am so excited for you!  My only regret pertaining to keto is that I didn’t find it YEARS ago.  My hope for this site is that I can help others achieve similar results through my own experience.  I will have different levels of help available, and hopefully one will be a good fit for you!

I’ve spent most of my adult being overweight in some capacity, and probably just like you, I tried all the diets.  I’ve counted calories.  I’ve joined Weight Watchers multiple times.  Yes, I’d lose some weight initially, but it would always come back and I’d end up heavier than I was when I started.  I felt like I was just in this repeating cycle where nothing worked, and it was so depressing.

Being overweight is hard.  Anyone who has been there knows what I am talking about…it’s painful on all sorts of levels.  Worse yet, often that pain is something we carry around inside, consistently beating ourselves up mentally.  WHY can’t I lose this weight?  WHAT is wrong with me?  I’d see those magazine success story weight loss issues and think THEY did it, why can’t I? 

Well, for me, the answer to those questions was 100% the method.  I felt like such a failure every time a weight loss attempt failed.  I know now, that I wasn’t a failure.  It was actually those so called “diets” that failed me.

 Looking back, I know I existed in a pretty severe state of poor health for YEARS.   I had chronic swelling in my hands and feet.  I was in constant pain in my lower back. I lived with daily headaches and took Ibuprofen like a prescription medicine.  I dealt with severe skin allergies.  Contact with all sorts of things would send me into severe hives.  I was up multiple times a night to go to the bathroom, so I was tired all the time.  I got sick easily.  I had no energy.  I just felt bad all the time.  I was pre-diabetic and literally a heart attack waiting to happen.  All this was just my normal.

In 2011 I had episode of optic neuritis that came out of nowhere.  One day my eyes were working correctly, and the next day they weren’t.  My eyes were not tracking together, and I had constant double blurry vision and dizziness.  My life became a series of visits to the neurologist.  I couldn’t work.  I couldn’t drive.  It took about 18 months for the eye issue to totally resolve.  The cause?  The neurologist said it could be indicative of MS in my future or I may have had a small stroke that damaged my optic nerve.  He really wasn’t very definitive, other than being confident that my losing weight would be a good thing no matter what.

These pictures of me were taken right around that time

Illinois, circa 2011
Illinois side view 2011

I really was determined to lose weight, thus subjecting myself to having a before pictures taken.  Life has suddenly got pretty serious.  I mean, my eyes weren’t working right!  How much motivation does one person need?  It was time to lose weight.

Using the traditional calorie counting method, I tried again.  I actually did lose about 50 pounds.  You may able to see a slight difference in these pictures, which were taken about 7 months after the first set.

Halfway, or so I thought
Really thought I looked great, and I did, but know Keto and holy!!

I was feeling pretty good about my progress.  Fifty pounds was a pretty good start right?  I remember I really wanted to drop about 100 pounds.  That seemed like a really good number to me. Unfortunately, the weight loss didn’t continue.  In fact, before too long the pounds starting creeping back on.  I reached a point where I thought why am I even bothering?  I’m eating all this nasty diet food, I’m hungry all the time, and the weight is coming back.  If I am going to be gaining weight I may as well be eating “good” food like delivery pizza, fast food, etc.  So, I gave up…again. The day my life changed was really like any other day.  I was sitting on the couch scrolling through Pinterest.  My husband had mentioned in passing a couple days before that one of his coworkers had lost some significant weight on “Keto”.

This was sometime in the fall of 2017 or so, when I put keto in the search bar to see if I could find out what it was about.  Quite a bit of information came up, but for some reason I opted to click on a video by Dr. Eric Berg 

I don’t know the exact video, but it was an introduction to his Healthy Keto way of eating (WOE).  I watched the whole video.  Then I found a several more of his keto related videos and watched those too.  After I came out my video binge coma, I remember thinking to myself that everything he said just made a whole lot of sense.  It explained all my past weight loss failures and why I had spent most of my life in the same destructive cycle.  This was my light bulb over the head, angels singing type moment.  Over the next couple days I watched every keto video I could find in his You Tube library and ordered his book.  The book really sealed the deal for me, and if you are serious about trying Keto I really recommend you buy it now.  I know it was the best money I ever spent.

So here I sit almost exactly two years later.  I have lost 177 pounds.  I am currently at what feels like a healthy weight for me. My BMI is within normal range.  All those ailments I mentioned above are gone.  I feel healthy, and I really, really want the same for you!  Keto has done wonders for my friends and family.  It is not a fad diet.  It is a sustainable way of eating, and if you are ready to get healthy again, I hope I can help you get there!

Please contact me for coaching.